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Shippers letter of instruction form

Shippers letter of instruction form

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Shipper's Letter of Instruction. A Shipper's Letter of Instruction (SLI) serves a very important function. An exporter uses the form to convey transportation and documentation instructions to his or her agent, usually an international freight forwarder. Who needs a Shipper's letter of instructions (SLI)? This form is filled out by exporters of goods and signed by the freight forwarder. It contains information on how to send the specified goods to the destination point. A Shipper's Letter of Instruction form serves multiple purposes: to provide transportation and documentation instructions; to provide export control and reporting information; and to convey authorization to the forwarding agent to transmit Electronic Export Information (EEI) to the Automated Export System (AES).

I certify that this cargo does not contain unauthorized explosives, incendiaries, or other destructive substances or items. I am aware that this endorsement and. SHIPPER'S LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS. Form No. Printed and Sold by. Central Ave., New Providence, NJ • () ZIP CODE. Form Name: F – Shippers Letter of Instruction. Version: The Shipper or his Authorised Agent hereby authorises DSV Air & Sea Pty. Ltd and DSV Air.

DELIVER TO. NOTE. The Shipper or the Authorized Agent hereby authorizes the above named Company, in the name and on his behalf to prepare any export. commodities are consolidated for export. 5. Forwarding Agent. If you are not using a freight forwarder's “Shipper's Letter of. Instruction” form, complete the name. U.S. SHIPPER'S LETTER OF INSTRUCTION (SLI). WHAT TO COMPLETE. • Sections 1 through 7 should be reviewed in their entirety as these fields may be. 3, SHIPPER'S LETTER OF INSTRUCTION, Air Freight Services. 4 12, FORM OF PAYMENT (If no Form of Payment is indicated, the shipper shall be liable for. Shipper's Letter of Instruction.v6 By signing this form I/we hereby consent to screening this shipment as per Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

30 Jun By checking the Box 16 certification, I am certifying that the full shipment weight shown in box 15 is the Certified Gross Weight which may be. understand the instructions for preparation of this document, set forth in the " Correct Way to Fill Out the Shipper's. Export Declaration." I understand The shipper guarantees payment of all collect charges in the event the consigned Print Form. SHIPPER'S LETTER OF INSTRUCTION SHIPPER (Name, Address, Contact Number) Pay close attention to the CARGO INSURANCE section on the form. The Shipper's Letter of Instruction explains how and where to send a shipment from the. United States to an international destination. In preparing this form, the.