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There's always an exception except when there isn't. I'll legally change my name to Except if I get 1 million subs. Send me a picture of a face and I'll phot. 6 Nov I suddenly have found that videos no longer work when I visit several websites. Although, I have found that youtube does work for videos that I. It's hard to find video sites out there that aren't simply sharing YouTube videos. Well, here are 12 video sites that are even better than YouTube!.

30 Apr The Tube is a stripped-down, minimalist version of YouTube. This Stripped- Down Version Of YouTube Removes Everything Except the Video. You can use AdSense mainly on: Your blogs. Your websites. Your youtube channel. But all of this requires a lot of hard work and determination. Views. when i go on certain websites ( and and try to watch a video but all i see is a clear box with a icon in the top left.

Here are 7 best free video sharing sites like YouTube where you can share, watch, download and upload videos. Make the world see your videos!. 26 Apr Extremist propaganda, dangerous hoaxes, videos of tasered rats—the company is having its worst year ever. Except financially. Hi so im having a weird issue sooo, i cant access youtube at all i can access everything except youtube ive tried several browser its still not. 5 Apr There Were Virtually No Similarities Between the Parkland and YouTube Shooters. Except For This Big. "Yeah, they both had guns," many. My internet is connected and works. No web pages work except Google YouTube facebook. Steam doesn't work either I can only chat my.

Youtube is definitely the chosen one when it comes to watching or even uploading the videos of your choice. Having said that, there are a whole bunch of other. I have used this Asus ROG laptop for over a month without any problem. It started having internet problems. 1. I can only view with. Hello Is it possible to block access to YouTube except of one channel? RegardsMariusz. is being redirected to, which on your machine seems to not resolve on DNS. Do you have any DNS.

1 May Then, one day I couldn't use the internet at all, except Facebook, Google and Youtube. Those 3 websites work perfectly. When going to other. Hey guys, I'm having a weird problem with my internet connection. Youtube and seem to be the only two sites that run at normal. Whatever safari or chrome or firefox, can't open youtube, but any other same problem, every website would load just fine except for youtube. 15 Feb Did you know YouTube Red fought against Amazon, AMC, Netflix, and Hulu to win the rights to a Karate Kid sequel called Cobra Kai? They did.